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Kollaps, Operant, Offermose, Son Of Seth

Mi. 21.09.2022 - 20:30

Kollaps coming from the land down under and now setteld in Central Europe this Industrial Trio takes no prisoners. Energetic Live Shows, blood-frenzied audiences and blown out speakers speak for themselves.

Operant is a Berlin based, Industrial Duo. Not their first time in Linz and everyone who went to the previous concerts nows, that this is one of the live shows you gotta see. Metal drilling, beats and noise walls puncture the body like a sound-shrapnel

Offermose channels the liquid light of a million souls. Casting dark repetitive spells, summoning long forgotten apparitions from the ever-flowing mist of eternity

Son of Seth is an Death-Industrial/Black/Doom-Drone project, from Copenhagen, Denmark. The music is bleak and shrouded in ritual, with cathartic live performances of entangling doom drones mixed with shrieking powerful vocals, straight out Dante's nine circles of hell.