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ABGESAGT: Kollaps, Operant, Catatonic Leisure alone

Mi. 06.12.2023 - 22:00

Until The Day I Die is Kollaps’ third LP for Cold Spring Records. The record, set for release in June 2022, is merciless and visceral assault on the senses and continues the trajectory of the band’s idiosyncratic approach in their creation of sound. Until The Day I Die is an uncompromising force of harsh post-industrial music narrated by overarching themes of condemnation and redemption; violence, romanticism, sexuality, and addiction. Much of the creation and lyrical conceptualisation of the record has been stylised and presented by the use of William S. Burroughs’ cut-up method. 

A wide variety of metals and raw materials were used in the creation of the album including metal grates, a rusted hoist, cement cylinders, field recordings, hammering of various decrepit objects, broken amplifiers, an exposed reverb tank, various synthesizers, and the infamous metal coil; a crudely self-constructed artifice that has become iconic in its use across Kollaps’ triptych of releases and lengthy touring history in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Berlin based live duo and production unit, OPERANT, have progressively carved out their
own space in the European electronic scene with boundary-defying sonic explorations,
fueled with tension and obscurity. A collaborative project between Instruments Of
Discipline founder, Luna Vassarotti and August Skipper, the project brutally morphs as it
pleases, devouring and absorbing all in its path, from industrial music, dark ambient, techno,
speedcore, breaks, pop music and trap to black metal.
Following the initial trilogy of EP’s on home label, Instruments Of discipline, OPERANT
released their debut LP ‘Traumkörper’ in late 2021.

Catatonic Leisure alone

Saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and electronics artist based in Zurich.
Info page with all important links to music.
Works in the field of free improvised music, noise, power-electronics, experimental and punk jazz.
- Runs music series and organizes concerts in Zurich.
- Runs his own music label Skuckx Records.
- Article/interview on Bandcamp Daily.
- Music catalogue with all physical and most of the digital releases is here.
Works mostly, but not only, in the field of experimental and extreme music genres:
improvised-, punk-jazz, jazz-core, noise, power electronics, drone, etc.
Apart from different collaborations with musicians all over the world (Merzbow, Alex Buess,
Guillaume Cazalet, Violeta Garcia, Tim Dahl, Marc Urselli, Lasse Marhaug, Fred Lonberg-Holm,
Ryosuke Kiyasu, Ryoko Ono, Toshinori Kondo, Balazs Pandi, Paal Nilssen-Love, Ingebrigt
Håker Flaten, Burton Greene, Peter Ole Jorgensen, Sainkho Namtchylak, Raoul van der Weide,
John Dikeman, Arrington de Dionyso, Marco Papiro, Christian Muller, Li Xing, Alexander
Gabrys and many others) also plays with Pussy Riot (Riot Days show), performes in theater
and his core bands are:
Catatonic Leisure (alone / duo), P/O Massacre, Teufelskeller, Augenblick, Sanscreed kanon,
Speedball trio, Brom, etc.

Kollaps; Operant, Catatonic Leisure alone