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Authority Club Vol. III: Kollaps, HIDE, Puce Mary

Do. 15.11.2018 - 12:09


Authority Club

Elektronische Untergrundmusik abseits der Remix-Djs in den großen Konsumtempeln der Stadt. Mit Schwerpunkt auf analog produzierte Musik und das ausloten audiovisueller Grenzen.

Flashing lights, pure darkness and nothing to see. Just hear the pounding of the drums and the heaviness of the bass. Let us travel into a dystopian world, where the machine controls you. We are mere part of the whole system, little gear-wheels joining together in an unholy procession of filthy analogue electronic musick.

The club takes control of your mind and body. Do not resist. Embrace it.

Bow to the authority of the machines.


Melbourne based noise/industrial trio

The bands habitually uneasy textures and crude tones are generated with appropriated non-instruments- scrap metal, raw plastics, steel beams. For the band, this isn’t an empty ‘industrial’ gesture, it’s a way to literally use the detritus of postmodern society against itself. Vocals bypass the desk, running directly through amplifiers to create a sense of a raw, untreated voice.




HIDE was birthed from the Chicago's DIY scene in 2014. Heather Habriel and Seth Sher make up this electronic, sample based, post-industrial duo. Haunting vocals, throbbing sub-bass and trance inducing drones round out a sound that both punishes and empowers.



Puce Mary
Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish experimental artist Frederikke Hoffmeier.
The output is rooted in industrial- noise, sound collage, power electronics and concrete music, with a vast amount of releases - first and foremost on the Copenhagen based label Posh Isolation.




Als besonderes Gutzi ist im ersten Stockwerk ein aussergewöhnlicher Gast: Sean Vasquez, New Yorker Tattoo Artist mit Sitz in London, wird sich über euren Besuch und eure Ideen freuen und euch bei dieser Gelegenheit gerne Tinte in die Haut packen - neben dem “klassischen” Maschinentattoo gibt’s bei ihm auch Handpoking nach indonesischer Art, ein ganz spezielles “Gericht”! - Er ist bis zum kommenden Sonntag in Linz!



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