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The Devils, Salamirecorder

Sa. 02.03.2024 - 21:00
The Devils

The Devils embody the definitive sound of chaos; Their style is primitive,
filled with sex, sin and rock'n'roll. But their fans all over Europe know it is more than this.
For their first two releases on Voodoo Rhythm Records (“Sin, you sinners!” [2016] and "Iron
Butt” [2017]) they have worked with producer Jim Diamond of The Gories (White Stripes,
The Sonics). Their third record "Beast Must Regret Nothing” [2021] was produced by Alain
Johannes (Queens Of The Stoneage, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell, PJ Harvey)
and includes a song with Mark Lanegan. That means the Devils are not just banging their
instruments, they definetely working hard to have the right sound for their songs.

The Devils are Gianni Blacula (guitar) and Switchblade Erika (drums/vocals).
Formed in 2015 in Naples/South Italy, they named themselves after Ken Russell's legendary
film “The Devils” (1971).
The energy that this duo exudes is enough for a four-piece band. Musically they are clearly in
the same league as acts like The Cramps, Hound Dog Taylor, The Gories, Jon Spencer,
Hasil Adkins and The Oblivians.

themidlandrocks.com wrote about the release of their live album in 2023:
“Live At Maximum Festival is the ultimate distillation of The Devils’ experience. Raw and rumbustious,
this recording is a musical sacrifice to the deity rock n’ roll, and Live At Maximum Festival is your



Salami Recorder

If you have to describe the music, its probably like a weird slightly annoyed outsider but with a melting heart for love songs. A perfect shake between 60s Back from the Grave Garage punk and a little breeze of early trash mixtape Powerpop. or something… …weird, loud, rocknroll noise!!!


Artwork by @missfelidae_illustration

Artwork by @missfelidae_illustration
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