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SOMMERFEST: Hippie Death Cult, CRVNG, Asbest Boys, Great Rift

Sa. 27.07.2024 - 18:00

Alle Jahre wieder begrüßt die KAPU bekannte und unbekannte Gesichter. Kommt vorbei und feiert mit uns "Season- Closing"

BEER MOST HAPPY HOUR from 18:00-19:00



21:00 Great Rift

22:15 Asbest Boys

23:00 Hippie Death Cult

00:00 CRVNG


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Hippie Death Cult


Hippie Death Cult's journey through shameless and triumphant artistic expression has led them to become a vibrant force in the realms of psychedelia and riff-heavy rock n' roll. This journey has not been without its challenges, but the band has always managed to emerge stronger and more determined than ever. Throughout their formative years, the band underwent what proved to be a very significant evolution, transitioning from a 4-piece to a more cohesive and harmonious power trio. This lineup currently consists of guitarist and founder Eddie Brnabic, vocalist and bassist Laura Phillips, and drummer Harry Silvers.

In 2019, Hippie Death Cult caught the attention of Cursed Tongue Records, who signed them for the release of their highly anticipated album "111." The record was met with widespread acclaim, solidifying their place in the music scene. Building on this success, the band made another significant move in 2021 by signing with Heavy Psych Sounds Records. This partnership resulted in the release of their album "Circle of Days" and a split release titled "Doom Sessions Vol.5" with label mates High Reeper. Both full-length albums soared to the very top of the Doom Charts as well as many “Album Of The Year” lists, further cementing their status as a rising force in the genre.

Beyond their studio work, Hippie Death Cult is renowned for their electrifying and passionate stage performances. Their captivating stage presence have taken them on tours across the United States, Canada, and Europe, where they have garnered a dedicated and growing fanbase.

Now, as they prepare to unleash their new album "Helichrysum" on October 20th, Hippie Death Cult is ready to take their music to even greater heights. This album marks a significant milestone as it features Laura Phillips on vocals for the first time, adding a new dimension and sense of originality to their sound. "Helichrysum" promises to be an unapologetically deep, heavy and groovy album that showcases the band's artistic growth and musical prowess.

To support the release of "Helichrysum," Hippie Death Cult has planned full-blown North American and European tours. Fans can expect an immersive and powerful live experience as the band brings their high-energy performances to stages across the globe. With their unwavering dedication to their craft and their ability to push boundaries, Hippie Death Cult is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene for years to come.



Duo - formerly known as DVRST - breeding discord and unity between club culture and experimental noise.
Post-rave drones moving the illbient and deconstructed, influenced by potentials of trance out of classical minimalism. Deep swirling synths, painful poems, dripping vocal spheres, creeping bass music into the abyss of self



Asbest Boys

ASBEST BOYS is a four piece hardcore punk magnate hailing from
Haarlem, The Netherlands. What started as a quarantine studio
project, turned out to be the rowdiest live sensation of the
century. They describe their own music as ‘music for the
institutionalized’ and anyone who has ever attended their live
shows can wholeheartedly agree on that.


Great Rift

Heavy Psych Rock inspired by the heavy blues, hard and psychedelic Rock of the 70s to the beginning of Stoner Rock in the 90s of the last century.


Four men, who come from the cosmic vastness of Austria, with Vienna as their navigation bridge.

Backed by a passionate, distinctive singing voice, their lyrics speak powerfully about the universe, their very own source of inspiration with its endless possibilities, fabulous fantasies and unexpected journeys.

With their sound, Great Rift set course to distances unknown, without destroying or forgetting their roots. Driving beats, heavy riffs and catchy hooks merge live into a rousing musical supernova.


After the bands founding in 2016, they released their EP "VoodooWoodland" on Electricfire Records in 2017, followed in June 2018 by their first album "Vesta", published on StoneFree Records and Electricfire Records.


In 2019 the band started with a personal change on the drums, which allowed the guys to expand their creative possibilities considerably. In 2020, another personel change on the guitar was taking place. Great Rift have definitely reinvented themselfs now. Musical creative possibilities now seem inexhaustible.

With this newfound energy, the band sets off their journey again, and recorded a new album in 2021.

UTOPIA was released on the 20th of April 2022 via StoneFree Records!


Artwork by: @chrizao

Artwork by: @chrizao
Former Appearances at Kapu