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Brak, Sihir

Fr. 12.07.2024 - 21:00

BRAK (Berlin) are an experimental/noisy/no wave/punk trio. Our forthcoming release will be out on Nick Klein's Psychic Liberation outlet in June. We have collaborated with labels like Industrial Coast, Total Black, or performed with Junko and Dustbreeders recently. 

▶︎ MOC JAKOŚĆ ZYSK | BRAK (bandcamp.com)


Sihir are one of the freshest and most exciting bands in the realm of experimental hardcore punk in Berlin at the moment. Some members have been active in projects like URIN or Desintegración Violenta, however the vocalist Syahida has never been in a band before and is delivering fierce lyrics in Bahasa language. Their debut album will be released by the iconic punk label La Vida Es Un Mus this summer. 

Ular Akan Patuk | Sihir | LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS (bandcamp.com)

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