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Mi. 08.05.2024 - 21:00

Get ready to be swept away by the electric force of Vienna's hottest rock band – BAITS, as they deliver a relentless barrage of hook after hook, creating a sonic experience that leaves audiences exhilarated and craving for more.

Fronted by the dynamic and emotionally charged vocals of Sonja Maier, BAITS' sound is a perfect marriage of fury and melancholy, seamlessly complemented by the wild (and sometimes delicately playful) guitar solos of Christopher Herndler. The rhythm section, anchored by the powerhouse duo of Fazo and bassist Bernd Faszl, pulsates with a raw energy reminiscent of iconic bands like the Pixies, Breeders, and a hint of Jay Reatard. 

BAITS not only captures the sweaty, unbridled energy of 90s indie bands but fearlessly ventures into the realm of pop, creating a unique aural tapestry that is as infectious as it is rebellious. Their latest singles, including "Who are You," "Stuck AF," and "Craves," have earned coveted spots on Spotify editorial playlists, have become staples on Austria's FM4 radio and have been in the Austrian Indie Charts for several weeks.

As a live act, BAITS is an undeniable force of nature, an experience not to be missed, which they have shown at 100+ live gigs over the last few years. Their upcoming record, set to drop in March 2024 on Noise Appeal Records, promises to be a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of pop with a generous dose of grit, snot, and dirt.


Former Appearances at Kapu