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THE RAW STUFF ON TOUR - Exhibition + Black Rainbows (it), Lupus, Swanmay

Fr. 15.03.2024 - 19:00

Die erste THE RAW STUFF Ausstellung 2024 startet als Opening Event des Next Comic Festivals - juhuuu!
Wir besuchen die KAPU und haben einige der feinsten Leute aus der internationalen Music Artwork Szene mit an Bord und vor Ort, gezeigt werden ihre feinsten Arbeiten für Bands, Locations und Veranstalter - vom Gigposter, bis zum Plattencover bis zur Originalzeichnung.
Die Ausstellung & Market sind GRATIS und wird von einem Konzert der Kult-Fuzzrocker BLACK RAINBOWS aus Italien + Lupus & Swanmay begleitet (mit Ticket).

Das Buch mit allen Künstlern gibt es natürlich auch vor Ort zum blättern und kaufen.


Artwork Exhibition with FREE ENTRY

+ Live-concert with tickets by




+ posters by @errordesign




Looking forward to partying with you!


Einen Überblick zum Buchprojekt und aller THE RAW STUFF Künstler findest du auf www.therawstuff.at

Black Rainbows

Black Rainbows are now established among the best Heavy Psych Stoner Space bands hailing from Europe, spreading the word of Fuzz since 2007!

Their sound has morphed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe that is totally tripped-out.

The band is a solid stone on the Heavy Psych-Stoner-Doom scene these days, constantly touring and playing festivals in Europe and US.

The trio is ready to release their 9th album in spring 2023!!



Slowly passing Landscapes, visually blurred by the soothing emptiness of your brain. Their music sounds like driving on vast roads built out of pushing rhythms. Before you realize it, you made your way all across Austria. Train, Motorbike, Skateboard, the distance from Vorarlberg straight into the underground of Vienna seems like nothing. Time begins to lose its presence as soon as you play the first Song.



Lupus´s music is firmly rooted in Blues, Psychedelic Rock and Folk but not afraid of exploration. It seems like the tight rhythm section and the distinctive vocals form a strong enough base to spread out in every direction. You can feel some Country, some Pop and fair amount of Kraut. Without forewarning the mood and rhythm of a song changes and you get sent to another part of the instrument loving pre-90´s. The five dudes manage to expand the scope of their playful sounds by adding unexpected instruments and heavy riffs.


The Lyrics seem like a poetic way to cope with the big burdens the world imposes on us. They can stand alone and still make you sway to their meaning. The strong but shaky voice indicates that it has something to say. Themes about the planet and how it treats us get contrasted by even deeper thoughts like how taxis are “bringing people from town to town”.


Christian Fischer



Swanmays are humanoids who can assume the form of swans. In human form, Swanmays are indistinguishable from other people. In swan form, they completely resemble swans. They tend to avoid normal humans.


The RAW Stuff