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Danava, Ryte

Do. 09.11.2023 - 21:00

From the very depths of hell rises the fury, wrath and rage of the entity known as Danava. Armed with only Nothing But Nothing, the quartet of messengers are prepared to deliver a collection of warnings into the streets of global unrest in this year of 2023.

In the 20th year of existence, Danava seek to deliver its singular sound of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to a weary world imprisoned by struggle and strife. With hope in gathering strength and stamina through music, in order to maintain what our lives and imaginations are capable of together. As One. Only then can we rise together and create a life worth living in a world no one asked to be born into. Ride with them! It’s time to let loose and bring forth the new era of fluidity before we disappear in smoke!



In mid- 2016, Hannes, Arik & Shardik decided to start a new project together. Arik & Shardik, at that time,
have already been playing several years together in „Pastor” and were looking for someone to jam with. By
chance they met drummer Hannes at a Saviours show in Vienna. Shortly afterwards RYTE was founded. The
only thing that was still missing was a bass-player. The band finally found the last missing part in late 2016
and was then a complete four-piece with Lukas of “The Heavy Minds” on bass. They spent at least one intense
year of continuous rehearsals and songwriting sessions in order to get a live-set and of course, an album
together. In late 2017 they set up their very first (private) show at their rehearsal space in Vienna, spiked with
a mind-blowing liquid light show done by “Ufonauten”. Then, in 2018 and '19 they were lucky enough to play
festivals like Lake on Fire, Stick & Stone and share stages with amazing like-minded bands such as “Sacri
Monti”, “Ecstatic Vision” and “Mothers of the Land” just to name a few. Since day one, the band's goal was
to play sophisticated, mostly but not exclusively instrumental Heavy Psych with little hints of classic Prog,
old school Heavy Metal, Doom and plenty of other stuff. Speaking of influences, the band is not limited by
any means as long as it sounds fresh and interesting and does the band's initial idea of adventurous heaviness
justice. RYTE’s self-titled debut album was released in January 2020 via Heavy Psych Sounds! Jack Jindra of
“Mothers of the Land” has replaced Arik on guitar since early 2021 and has become an integral part of the
bands’ songwriting process ever since.


Former Appearances at Kapu