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Between Times Day 2

konzert + ausstellung
Fr. 03.06.2022 - 17:00

timebased and interactive media arts GROUP EXHIBITION


 "Between Times" is a group exhibition organized by the students of the timebased and interactive media art students bachelor programme themselves on their own initiative.

An exhibition that depicts this particular present.

In spite of the radical experience that the world can be completely different than previously imagined, there are attempts of retreat and the search for meaning.

In addition to the classic exhibition formats, we also offer space for interactive art and performance art. There will also be a program in the cinema hall, where will be space for live performances too. The evening program focuses on sound performance, with a wide variety of artists and Dj's.


"Between Times" ist eine Gruppenausstellung, die von den Studierenden des Bachelor-Studiengangs Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medienkunst in Eigenregie organisiert wurde.
Eine Ausstellung, die diese besondere Gegenwart abbildet.
Trotz der radikalen Erfahrung, dass die Welt ganz anders sein kann, als man sie sich vorher vorgestellt hat, gibt es Versuche des Rückzugs und der Sinnsuche.
Neben den klassischen Ausstellungsformaten bieten wir auch Raum für interaktive Kunst und Performancekunst. Es wird auch ein Programm im Kinosaal geben, wo auch Platz für Live-Performances sein wird. Das Abendprogramm konzentriert sich auf Sound-Performance, mit einer Vielzahl von Künstlern und Dj's.



21:30 -23:30


NANA is based in Austria/Linz.

She started selecting in 2012 and collaborates with different sounds and collectives like HYGHLGHT, Plankton electronic movement , Pyuk edp and several projects.

Booked for events like BLVZE, clubduzz, Vienna Tunup, Afrobase, Freetree Festival and at locations like KAPU, Solaris, Stadtwerkstatt, Strom and more.

A passionate DJ who follows a vibe - you can feel and hear that in every selection!

Main musical inspiration comes from

the UK, carribean side , various african influences mixed w/ electronic and bass music.

´It‘s all about versatility & crossing genres like UK Afrotrap, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap, Deutschrap, Bashment, UK Dance , UK Garage, Bassline, UK Bass, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Afrohouse, Afrotrap, Kuduro, Funky & more.

The passion of the DJ gets the guest invaded of joy.



23:30 - 00:00


sound Performance

duration 30min


00:00 - 02:00

pnk_t__ b2b

pnk_t__ based in Linz/Vienna is experimenting between techno, punk, pop and experimental electronic music.

participating in KAPU, SONO:N0, PYUK.edp



02:00 - 04:00



Former Appearances at Kapu