WolfWolf and the Tuzemak Orchestra

WolfWolf and the Tuzemak Orchestra
Samstag, 05.09.2020
WolfWolf and the Tuzemak Orchestra
Some information regarding the show:
Facemasks are mandatory
keep your distance to other people
Doors open 20:00
Concert starts 21:00

stay safe - stay healthy - kapu loves you

"A Garage Punk Del Muerte Vampire Trash Jazz Experience You Have Never Heard Before."
WolfWolf, that's Mister Wolf (drums) and Mister Wolf (guitar) on a Balkan journey through punk with trash amplifier and mexican muerte blender. The Tuzemak Orchestra sounds exact-ly the same as Czech rum drinks itself: Mr. Aregger from Blind Butcher, Mr. Barmettler from Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis, Mr. Blättler and Mr. Petermann from Fischermanns Orchestra wash the stuff down with vampire blood, a squeezed lime and secret jazz chords