ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind

ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind
Freitag, 20.03.2020
ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind
ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind
ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind
ABGESAGT!!!OvO, Sedna, Lebanon, Primordial Undermind

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Italian noise-rock duo OvOhas been at the center of the worldwide post-rock, industrial-sludge, and avant-doom scenes for nearly two decades. Their “always-on-tour” mentality, coupled with a DIY ethic, fearless vision, and pulverizing live shows have made them the Jucifer of Europe; impossible to categorize, but always there, appearing in your hometown, like a ghostly omnipresence. OvO’s fiercely independent ethos and grinding live schedule have earned the band a significant worldwide fanbase that have come to expect nothing but the most daring and innovative dark music presentations.

Based in Ravenna, Italy, OvO was formed in 2000 by Stefania Pedrettiand Bruno Dorella, and to date have released nine full-lengths. Their latest, the 2016 DioDronerelease Creaturasaw acollades fromthe likes of Pitchfork, who compared Pedretti to Yoko Ono, and from Decibel Magazine, who called the band “a David Lynchdance party.” OvO has also been featured in The Quietus, Stereogum, Cvlt Nation, and many more forward-thinking web properties. The band has performed at festivals on nearly every continent, and have toured extensively, with the likes of Lighnting Bolt, Zu, and many others.



Sedna is a Black Metal project formed in 2009 in Cesena, a small city in the middle-east of Italy. The sound is a mix of Post Black Metal, Atmospheric Sludge and Doom with some Ambient and Drone parts resulting in a wider sense of ruination and immersion. From enraged blast-beats to slow-paced heavy parts reaching soft and placid clean interludes, the band tries to carry emotions to create organic and living music.



a young and hungry band from Olomouc, who utilize rock instrumentation, electronics, and industrial percussion to create irresistible noise-rock grooves. A formation characterized by long structured jams, which are taken from the rehearsal room directly to the stage. Or in their own words, “Barrels, napalm. Standard ambient noise surface sheet blech voice satanic ass bleach. Bombs. For acute fatigue, apply disco.”


Primordial Undermind

Mining the deepest regions of avant-rock for more than 25 years, from distorted, psychedelic fuzz overload to full-blown free/drone explorations, like a collision of Amon Duul II with Bardo Pond. After relocating from Austin, Texas to Vienna in 2006, the band have been touring Europe regularly. They have released over a dozen albums on Feathered Coyote, Emperor Jones, Strange Attractors Audio House, Camera Obscura, and September Gurls.
"Reverberating with primitive hallucinogenic drones, garage rock grinds, and improvisations that slowly build from half-formed blowouts to cosmic Stockhausen-style epics... PU have crawled out
of the psychedelic undergrowth and evolved into something special" - Edwin Pouncey, The Wire