Bragolin, Leere

Bragolin, Leere
Donnerstag, 14.11.2019
Bragolin, Leere
Bragolin, Leere

Postpunk is back! Get your drumcomputer engine and let's ride off on the dark and cold waves!

Bragolin is a post-punk / wave band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The band is led by songwriter/singer/guitarist Edwin van der Velde, with Maria Karssenberg on guitar and organ. Their music contains a mixture of baritone and shoegaze guitars, organs, synths, drummachines and touching vocals with horror movie inspired lyrics to complete their unpredicted haunting sound.



Leere aus Berlin ist die ein Hälfte des Projekts Monowelt. Düstere Klangwelten und Elemente aus Industrial und EBM.
We come from nowhere and move towards emptiness.
Leere is an introvert female music project.
I am trying to express and fill
the emptiness inside me. The use of analog and digital sounds of the 80s and the integration of sounds from Berlin, the city that influences me and my music strongly, helps me with that hard task.
I am in permanent struggle with my dark side. And i want to be understood"