Ultima Radio, Warholes, Intra

Ultima Radio, Warholes, Intra
Samstag, 19.10.2019
Ultima Radio, Warholes, Intra
Ultima Radio, Warholes, Intra
Ultima Radio, Warholes, Intra

Ultima Radio

Originally emerging from Stoner Rock, Ultima Radio combines a variety of aspects in order to define their very own style: the rhythm is guided by Stoner Rock, Progressive Rock and Psychedelic Rock right up to elements of Funk. Influences from Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine create a very dynamic interplay: powerful drum beats and heavy guitar riffs accompany the exotic singing voice through brute and massive, but also calm and smooth parts. The experimental use of the voice also aims at elevating the band’s music out of genre-typical characteristics.



WarHoles are a band. WarHoles are playing the garage punk.

WarHoles are the kind of thing that comes up when you gaze into space including their soundtrack.

WarHoles - eventually we come in peace!


INTRA represents heavy guitar riffs, groundshaking bass, huge drums,
delicate vocals, aesthetic melodies – intimate, insistent rock music.
INTRA means to fully surrender to the music and finding each other in it.



In der KAPU BAR endet das ganze dann mit
"The Black Magic Fairy Night!"

Penny Slick Perry´s finest selection of Garage Rock, Dark 80´s, Industrial, DOOM, Neo-Psychedelic and Noise!
-H.P.Lovecraft und Edgar Allan Poe würden auf jeden Fall ihre melancholischen Hüften dazu schwingen und
ein bis zwölf Gläser Wein trinken!"

Wir freuen uns darauf. Und ihr hoffentlich auch.