Phal:Angst, Kalmar, BOSNA

Phal:Angst, Kalmar, BOSNA
Freitag, 11.10.2019
Phal:Angst, Kalmar, BOSNA
Phal:Angst, Kalmar, BOSNA
Phal:Angst, Kalmar, BOSNA

Phal:Angst is an Industrial/Post-Rock-Band from Vienna/Austria. They formed in 2006. File between Industrial, EBM, Post-
Rock and Doom and bands like Earth, Mogwai, Coil, Front 242 and Neurosis.

Musik die sich zwischen Doom, Metal, Stoner bewegt und ohne Gesang
auskommt. Umso mehr ist Lautstärke definitiv eine der Hauptkoordinaten
dieser Band! Ihre Fangarme schlingen sich um das Publikum, um es danach
gänzlich zu verschlingen. Kein Entkommen, for sure!

noise/wave/punk from Vienna. Bosna is the mutated continuation of Pete Prison's solo project formerly known as mekongg delta which later became the noiserock-kraut-doom trio MEKONGG in early 2015.
Hypnotic loops, dark and dense guitar noise meet scarce vocals. In July 2019 BOSNA became a duo: Brute punky drum beats & beefy bass from Sticky Lenz (Just Friends and Lovers) complete Bosna's raw sound.