Dub Issues #6

Dub Issues #6
Samstag, 02.03.2019
Dub Issues #6

The Year started amazingly with the last 5th edition of DUB ISSUES, but this time Shimana \will bring their "little red beast" DIY SoundSystem. With the speaker boxes of their own design, they are gonna bring the pure sound pleasure to all who join us on this dance.

Entry: 7 - 10 €


◈ Shimana Sound System ◈
[ I ]

Shimana Sound System has been founded in 2013 by a group of 4 young musicians in Udine, Italy. With a lot of time and collaborations, Shimana's family developed in a bigger group, prompted by music messages and its mystical force, to create a hangout for the people who love music and staying together.

Shimana's project was born as a Roots Reggae & Dub Soundsystem, but it would become soon a real meeting point for different music cultures, which is the key of our message and venture, becoming so a "multiethnic" vibez engine.
From 2013 to 2017, Shimana has been in sessions around Italy, Slovenia, Croatia & Austria.
A lot of close friends & sound collaborations by the time like Warrior Charge, Irie Garden & Digitron, Rockers Dub Master, Munchies, Dubbing Sun, TOY festival & Low Freq & may more.


◈ Jah Forcefield ◈
[ BiH ]

Hailing from Sarajevo, Jah Forcefield is the newest joint musical venture from original Bosnian dubwise foundation that brought you Bass-ul-Ulema Sound & Zentash Gigawatt. The trio - Monodread/Bademah/Zentash aimes towards bringing together all of their influences, knowledge and skills into one cohesive picture, original sound and vibration that will be easily recognizable and authentic. The main focus of Jah Forcefield permeates through the study of heavy conscious basslines intended exclusively for Soundsystem dance and wandering into quiet introspective spaces almost to the same extent as dwelling deep into Club culture. The trio organized and shared stage with the likes of Vibronics, Joe Nice, High Tone, Brain Damage, Zenzile, Dubble Dub (CRO), Baga Sound (BA), Bass Culture (CRO) and many others.

⁂ Bademah ⁂
Meerkat Recordings | Dub & Roll Records | Positive Reality Records | ROHS! | Magu Shan Dub Tong |

As a part of Bass-ul-Ulema and Jah Forcefield dub collectives from Sarajevo, Bademah is one of the most active producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With his first single Blood a Run featuring Tenor Youthman, which was released under the label Dub & Roll Records he stepped out on the international scene.

⁂ Zentash Gigawatt ⁂
Steppas Records | Dubophonic | ROHS! | Dub & Roll Records |

Member and co-founder of Jah Forcefield is a dub producer from BiH. What started as a personal outlet soon turned into serious love for producing dub and music in general.
This led him very early on toward releasing music in digital format as well as vinyl on labels such as Steppas Records, Dubophonic, ROHS!, Dub & Roll Records.
He draws inspiration from various dub forms all the way from roots to hard-hitting steppers and even dubtech.


◈ Brother Louis ◈
[ AT ]

„I compose media within the grey area of digital and analogue – sounds, performances, installations, exhibitions, videos. In my approach, I reject classifications of art, or genres, as well as the segregation of theory and practice. Besides my emphasis on process, rather than on products, I love to question simple thoughts through a deeply researched concept, but with a low-threshold though.“


◈ VooDub ◈
[ PT ]

Voodub is a Dj (Selecta) from Lisbon (Portugal), he has been collecting Vinyl for some years....and felt that it is time to share ii with the crowd, all Bassy, Dubby and Mystic Magic, he will bring from Roots, digital hits to a more uplifting selection of heavyweight Steppas...and Yes, Vinyl only!!

Be aware that the soundsystem is an experience and low bass frequencies are not harmful! If the music is too loud for you we provide hearing protection ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬

Bring your tribes and positive vibes!