Dub Issues #5

Dub Issues #5
Samstag, 19.01.2019
Dub Issues #5

We are starting the year with Dub Issues #5 and this time we invited an uprising Munchies Soundsystem from Croatian city Pula who will be playing the set of the finest selection of tunes on their handcrafted soundsystem. Alongside with Bukkha an American producer with Spanish address and a newcomer VooDub, originally from Portugal but currently living in Linz who is bringing us the hottest dub selection to the dance floor.
Munchies Soundsystem – boxes, amps, music, message, love….
Munchies are a result of a long search.
It all started at the end of 2013. Not long after we organized the first independent Soundsystem session in Pula with our brethren Rockers Dub Master Soundsystem. On that same session, which marks the ground zero for things to come, we met our future singer Damien Prophet and made close ties with the rest of the Croatian reggae & dub scene.Things went into motion from then on, we started organizing a monthly program of sessions on various locations around the town of Pula, hosting different (inter)national artists, live acts and sound systems.
At the end of 2015 we managed to collect some proper Soundsystem boxes, helped by our inspirators Digitron and Warrior Charge and from then on the sessions went on with our own boxes, speakers and amps.
In the last three years, we played at almost every dub friendly venue and festival in the Alps-Danube-Adria region (Medika, Hartera, Irie Garden, Seasplash, MoDem, Overjam, Outlook, Zion Station to name a few…) and we keep organizing a monthly sound system night in our hometown Pula.
This summer we marked a milestone by organizing a festival of our own named “Escape the City” the infamous gathering combining Ecology, Art & Soundsystem culture held in Barbariga, near Pula.
With over 100+ sessions under our belt we strongly support unity & friendship with the soundsystem scene, be it with the Balkan family or Outernational, keeping close ties with all the people we met during our mission.
Musicwise, we’re mainly influenced by 90’s UK Dub, extreme echo and bass, spiritual, joyful and uplifting sounds in the likes of Iration Steppas, Disciples, Aba Shanti, Jah Shaka… Although you can hear the romantic melodies of late 60’s rocksteady and 80’s rub-a-dub being played from time to time.
All the members of Munchies crew & family are also involved with other projects, be it through music or any other form of activism, and are trying to make this world a better place, from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.
Bukkha - originally from the American city Lafayette in Louisiana, really is a force to  be  reckoned  with:  this  young  musician  has  been  focusing  on  making  music ever since he could  remember. He quickly mastered the guitar and turned into being a dub producer thanks to his important influencers ranging from the likes of Scientist to Luke Vibert and Madlib to Billie Holiday. Having started dub programming back in ‘07, Evert Cristoff’s dedication to music goes both way back and beyond in time. In his first year of producing, the young musician earned a  stripe by the  signing  of his  inaugural  12”  release  on  the acclaimed Dubbed Out, which was blessed by a Radikal Guru  remix on  the  flip. After  this  positive  vibration, Bukkha has  been handed the enlightening opportunity to  remix the respected producers Roommate, Radikal Guru, Tuff & Powa,  Danny  Scrilla  and  Jojo  Mac  to  name  a  few. Through this, he has tightly represented the Gulf Coast dub / bass scene until 2015 –and now started a new chapter by residing in the sun of Spain. Continuing with an ever-growing list of consistent releases on Moonshine, DubsAlive, Airtight and King Dubbist, the American producer is gearing up for another bright year in dub. With forthcoming bits and pieces on Moonshine and Dub-Stuy, including collaborations with Madplate Sound, Junior Dread, DTR & Blind Prophet, Bukkha is ready to take his interpretation of dub across the Seven Seas!

Voodub is a young and prosperous new dub selector who is going to heat up the dancefloor with his specially selected tunes!

Come to support, enjoy and dance!!!