BodySoundSpace #5

BodySoundSpace #5
Samstag, 20.05.2017
BodySoundSpace #5

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BodySoundSpace vol.5
20. Mai  2017 @ KAPU Linz
von 21:00 bis 04:00
(Bei Schönwetter wird bereits am Nachmittag im Hof der KAPU ein Stelldichein stattfinden; Updates dazu folgen auf der BodySoundSpace Facebookseite)

BodySoundSpace ist zurück!
Auch zu unserem 5. Jubiläum öffnet die KAPU wieder ihre Türen.
Jedes Jahr, neben einer fetten Party, empfangen wir Künstler aus verschiedenen Bereichen wie z.B. Performance, Theater, Tanz, Musik, Visual Arts, bildende Künste, uvm. Künstler und KunststudentInnen sind eingeladen ihre Arbeiten, oder Konzepte zu präsentieren, als auch Ideen im Moment zu kreieren.
Wir bieten euch die Möglichkeit verschiedene Formen der Kunst unter ein Dach zu bringen um sich zu vernetzen und Grenzen zwischen TeilnehmerInnen und Publikum zu lockern. All areas Party! Vier Räumlichkeiten, Gänge, Stiegenhaus, Hof der KAPU.

Gib deinen künstlerischen Ideen freien Lauf! Bereite dich vor, oder improvisiere!
Be there or be square!

Falls du teilnehmen möchtest, informiere uns bitte bis spätestens 08-05-2017.  Wünsche/Fragen bzgl. Raum, Umsetzung, Technik usw. werden so weit als möglich berücksichtigt!

Für weitere Informationen kontaktiere das BodySoundSpace Team unter:

Updates zum Programm und allem Weiteren bald auf:

BodySoundSpace vol.5
20th of May 2017 @ KAPU Linz
from 21:00 to 04:00
(in case of nice weather we will start earlier in the afternoon; updates will be posted on bodysoundspace Facebook page written at the bottom)

BodySoundSpace is back! It's our fifth anniversary and KAPU once again opens its doors for another crazy night to happen. Every year, next to a great party, we host artists from various fields, such as performance, theatre, dance, music, visual and fine arts. Artists and art students are invited to share works, works in process or create ideas on the spot. We offer an opportunity to bring different art forms under one roof, to network and to delete borders between participants and audience. It's an all area event! Four rooms, corridors, stairs, yard in front of KAPU building.

Research on your artistic ideas! Prepare or improvise! Be there or be square!

Please inform us latest until 8.5.2017 if you have a wish to collaborate. Write us about your space preferences, brief conceptual ideas and possible technical needs and we will try to take them into account!

For more information contact the BodySoundSpace team:

The detailed program will be published soon on:

-----------------------------------------------------------------BodySoundSpace vol.5
20th of May 2017 @ KAPU Linz
from 21:00 to 04:00
entrance: 5 euro


1. FLOOR performances

---> Rada Kovacevic (dance), Dragana Bulut (choreography) - 'blank verse'

---> Anna Jurek - 'Luff'
Solo is showing off the work in progress. During practise on the piece the creator was inspired by the situation of overwhelming freedom. The questions which appeared were how multiplicity of possibilities
can affect on frame of mind and what is the field of paradox of choice.

---> Danica Golic, Zsófi Börcsök - 'In front of you'
(search of the personality) and it is a story about undefined and contradicted person who is both egocentric and altruistic, so in a way representing divided personality, as every person can not be described with just one adjective.

---> Simona Štangová, Muhmmed Farooq, music: Voland Székely - 'Compass border'
Internal fight of individuals with power and rules and following impact on the individuals which is influenced and touched by Asian culture especially Islamic. How a traditional music is expressing the internal fights of power and being an individuality, the variety of colours, symbols, emotions are example of a human need to express yourself.

---> Patryk Jarczok – 'Savage'
„As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe. Keep breathing. When there is a storm and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at its branches, you swear it will fall. But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.” (from The Revenant)

---> Vilte Svarplyte - ''May I?'' the body asked
...and the trees, and the time, and the horoscope, and the day, and the country, and the matrass I sleep on, and the floor, and the nature, and the bodily structure, and the other kind of structures, and the money, and the love, and the love making, and the home, and the brother and the mother and the father, and the folk songs, and the water, and the ancestors, and the fortune... My body is a place which beholds all, is affected and shaped by the everyday circumstancies. I choose to trust in it and let the inner peculiar landscape reveal itself through movement where the words cannot reach.

---> Žigan Kranjčan - Dance improvisation, solo performance
Empty mind behind, whisper of thoughts in front.... brainless, deep in the body starts a search for a stream, where instinctively one is picked. The stream starts to flow through my body and from it on, out. Regulation of the boat floating on the stream is getting me deeper and across the river. As I visit Had, I start my journey without turning back, wondering how high can I get.

---> Elena Zoé, Simon Kirschner, Jannik Rodenwaldt - 'Kiss me to the Limit'
A man and a woman standing the a room, open to be kissed. Going beyond the borders of intimacy.

2. FLOOR performances

---> Florine Mougel (director), Tanja Fuchs (sound performance), Moritz Morast (sound performance) and Yuri Binder (sound performance) – experimental animation film staged with a live sound creation performance - 'FERNWEH / HEIMWEH'
Made out of personal archive pictures and accidental encounters, the film shuttles between
wanderlust and homesick, up and down, in and out, or was it the opposite ? It’s a passenger’s
smooth poetry on human desire and confusion. It’s a composite of residual experiences, a tale of
travelers, beyond space and even further.
The sharp black and white collage aesthetic refers to the silent surrealistic films. But the digital
image composed with the use of a computer, is pixelated, incarcerated roughly. Worlds coexist
alongside and glare at each other. It is fantasy: superposition of time and spaces. Always living in a
transition state, looking for home.
The live performance stage the sound of the film. The performers are not only creating the music of
the film, but they aslo interprete all the dialogues and voice over as an additive part of the story.
Digital fixed media and live art melt together in order to create a temporal paradigm.

---> Vera Bundschuh, Maja Mirek and Camilla Schielin - dance performance
Based on the play from Anton Chekhov, Three sisters.

---> Jaskaran Singh Anand, Simona Štangová, Dominika Stróżewska - 'Ordinary nature'
Ordinary Nature is a quartet representing a rat race with embodied actions of emotionality and bringing backstage conversations in a performance with a political aspect on evoking the characteristics of the nature.

---> Julia Müllner, Camilla Schielin – 'morphology' (music: Anton Giger)
A study of shapes and forms. Finding forms and forming space. Transforming shapes to movement. It is a research about transforming forms through body extensions.

---> Zuzanna Pruska and Yoh Morishita – 'Cosmo'
The performers are seeking answers to why the world is so divided by us - the people? Why do we impose restrictions, rules, borders onto us? Why are we trying to accurately determine and establish everything, while limiting ourselves? Is this really necessary to facilitate every aspect of our life? To answer these questions, the performers are trying to see the world not just as cosmopolitans, but as cosmonauts. They do not situate themselves in any nation. Changing to a different point of view, and stepping out our common reality. Seeing our world with more distance, makes everything clearer and answers for the questions start coming more easily. The performance “Cosmo” is a patchwork of thoughts and observations about the reality surrounding us. The performers welcome the audience in an abstract, surreal and futuristic world and invite the viewers to a field of (self-)reflections.

--->Elsa Mourlam (concept, choreohraphy & dance), Sonia Borkowicz (choreography & dance), Florian Eibel (video performance), Tomas Novak (music composition & live music), Christopher Haritzer (live music), Paul Schuberth (live music), Voland Székely (live music) - 'WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD'
Corporal, musical and video projection confrontation
with terror questioning its mechanics, its exploitation
by the media and its public perception.
Sometimes it is inevitable to be struck by lightning. Perhaps only then, the bird will be able to see beyond the storm and appreciate those skies of blue and clouds of white. The scared gazelle must take a few leaps backwards to put its sunken heart back in place. Even though, the colors of the rainbow may be tainted black, deep down they never cease to shine.

--->Simon Kirschner, Jannik Rodenwaldt, Timo Weckenbrock, Judith Maler - acting improvisation
In the BAR we will host:

---> DJ PERFOMANCE by Moritz Morast
time: 2:00-3:30

On the first floor we will enjoy:

---> VIDEO INSTALLATION by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela (camera & editing), Yoh Morishita (dance)
Video installation of soundless video poems. This project is still a work in progress focus on developing a certain musicality throughout the visual.
time: 2:00-4:00

---> DRAWING EXHIBITION by Melanie Moser

In the bar And the stairways we will have the opportunity to witness:

---> WALL PAINTING by Sarah Maria Schmidt, 'PEOPLE AND SPACE'


Monica Vlad
Gabriela Gordillo
Balkan Ekspres
Acid Dizzy
Acid Indiander

--> BLAU
Blau deals with spacious conditions and actions from the body. It introduces disappearing material.

--> Monica Vlad
The concept of this project is to use old media devices to create a sound performance. I will use a sewing machine, 2 radios, one tape recorder, a cassette player/Walkman, signum device. All the devices are connected to the mixer; Piezos will be used as microphones to take the vibrations from the surface of some devices and amplify it. The other devices are directly connected to the mixer (for example the radios). Cassette tape loops will serves as analog loops.

--> Gabriela Gordillo /// Sound Performance
Loops, oscillations, sound recordings, merge into an interface that intends to understand the dynamics between sounds through temporal cycles, by using visual structures as interfaces for improvisation. With conductive ink, light, electronic circuits, and a micro controller, it is possible to articulate an audible sequence of between memories, voices and different frequencies. The sequence follows a set of instructions that prescribe the evolution of the actions that lead the set, and the structure of the whole.

--> Acid Dizzy
The great new Jungle Dub sensation
Dub – D'n'B – Loco

--> Acid Indianer
Acid Indianer is on a mission to save humanity from the apocalypse of the playback zombies which are threatening to turn the holy electronic music princess into a sphinx. The "Acid Indianer" are the three blooded warriors going by the names "Acid Ivan" (guit crap), "Speed Flip" (synth shit) and „Meskalito“ (Beats/Lärm), who spare no means to free the club diva from the sampling zombies who kidnapped her to push humanity in to the abyss of sorry ass performances by wack Disc Jolly’s. Don’t fight the „Acid Indianer“ – let it take your yoga spoiled hipster ass on an astral journey to hell!!

PROGRAM for SHORT MOVIES on the 2.Floor at 21:00 :

---> Flavia Barandun und Redi Made, 'lichtundschatten / lightandshadow'
dark and light sheet, Live- und Video-Performance, 2016, duration 7min

Light and shadow are immanent elements of architecture. They both together - that is important - give life to structures.

---> Ðejmi Hadrović, 'All About Veil'
duration 2:47min

Art students have been asked questions and their body language was observed. Main purpose of the idea was to film an experimental interview about the object so called veil. They had to wear it in order to tell how it feels like. My personal aim of this art project was to dismantle the semantics of veil itself and give it a new meaning. I have chosen art students because they are specific social group that is well known for "looking outside of the box" principle. It turned out that no matter how hot topic veil on our lips is, in nowadays, we somehow tend to be oblivious toward “the Other”.

---> Flavia Baradun, 'Just a...'
duration 2:51min

---> Ðejmi Hadrović, 'Silent Observer'
duration 10:02min

It’s a video performance conducted as a monologue confession of a woman in early 30’s and obstacles she is dealing with. Content is touching problematics such as gender, identity, migration, and ethnicity. Biographical thoughts are exposed to the audience only with audio recording while performer in the video is slightly visible. It gives a notion of a classical portray while mind is the main source of happening. Artist is addressing audience with world’s issues that are still current and in meanwhile trying to escape from inner conflicts and is asking herself if she – as an individual did enough for society and if it is even possible to do so regarding personal confusion. Performance is not only personal; it is sharing common threads of nowadays world and is appealing public to identify with the performer and vice versa.

---> Paula Dominici, 'Unser Film'
duration 5:01min

It is a interaction between live and performance . It takes place in a hut in Salzburg . Performers are moving according to a movement pattern.

---> Collective B + EIBEL, 'ONE'
Zagreb/Linz 2016, duration 13:33min

Selfish and generous quartet questioning the established codes of social relationships, through an intimate language of movement. Inspired by a subjective study of urban space, the piece explores a potential quest of self-assertion in a sensitive articulation together with other beings.

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BodySoundSpace #5