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performance & concert
Do. 02.05.2013 - 20:00


The concept of "Body/Sound/Space" is to encourage local artist and art students for spontaneous performances, try outs and improvisation by offering a free room for the collaboration to take place. The event is focused on the field of performance art, dance, music and visual art forms. By bringing these various artists together under the same playful performance space, we wish to delete the borders between participants and audience when watchers could become performers and other way around. The programme of the evening will include both prepared and improvised performances as well as an open dance and music jam session.


KAPU opens the doors for local artist and art students from the field of performance, dance, music and visual arts for gathering and sharing.

Free working and performing space in three floors, five various rooms of Kapu building is offered for screening a video, setting up an exhibition, performing on or off the stage... Body/Sound/Space - it's up to you!  

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore your artistic ideas and share them with others, either prepared or spontaneously improvised, in a cozy, jazzy and experimental atmosphere.

For making the evening running most fluently for everyone, please inform us latest till 15.4.2013 if you wish to perform. The space for performances might be limited depending on the amount of pre-registered performances.  


Free entrance

For more information contact
Anni Taskula