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Sensibility, Toughness, Crisis, Life, Death...

Sa. 19.02.2011 - 22:00

Imagine a dark, cigarette-smoke filled room, sweating individuals - screamings – a single person is entering the stage, talking to the audience:


Speaker: Hello Youngsters! Good evening Ladies!

Crowd: Hello!!!

Speaker: Do you like Rock'n'fuckin'Roll?

Crowd: Yeah!

Speaker: You like sensitive ballads and high emotional songwriting, too?

Crowd: Yeah! Sure!

Speaker: Can you imagine a band hitting painfully your most blissful feelings?

Crowd: Yeah!!!

Speaker: You like sweating bodies torturing their instruments?

Crowd: Yeah!

Speaker: Are you in fear of a post-traumatic crisis?

Crowd: No!!!

Speaker: Are you insane youths ready for real passion, love and exciting frenzy?

Crowd: Oh Yeah!

Speaker: So you are ready for madness, chaos, glamour and death?!

Crowd: Hell yeah!!!

Speaker: Yeah! You choose the right place to be! Here are your heroes for tonight! Let me introduce you to the great, the tough, the unique, the group with the many different faces:




Tonight's Special: NICE GIRLS DON'T EXPLODE from Vienna play the legendary „It's Alive!“ - Record of one of the best bands who ever thrilled the masses: The RAMONES! Rainer „Erka.“ Krispel as Joey (Vocals), Andreas „Mops“ B. as Johnny (Guitar), Chris „Pansen“ B. as Dee Dee (Bass) and „Uzn“ as Tommy (Drums)!

28 tracks in 52 minutes, get the record, learn the lyrics and freak out!

Gabba Gabba Hey!



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