Dälek, Selbstlaut & Kapazunda, theclosing, Hyperpiss

Dälek, Selbstlaut & Kapazunda, theclosing, Hyperpiss
Donnerstag, 04.05.2017
Dälek, Selbstlaut & Kapazunda, theclosing, Hyperpiss

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"Conceived in New Jersey from its emerging DIY scene from the late ‘90s, cult hip-hop trio Dälek were known as pioneers over the last fifteen years for their intriguing sound which fuses a blend of progressive hip-hop artistry supported by a rhythmic backdrop consisting of sonic experimentation through noise music and dark ambience. Their singularity would be highlighted in five groundbreaking full-length albums: Gutter Tactics (2009), Abandoned Language (2007), Absence (2005), ...From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots (2002) - all released on Ipecac Recordings - as well as Negro Necro Nekros (1998) on Gern Blandsten. Dälek supported those albums on tour for over a decade and have shared stages with influential artists such as KRS One, Tomahawk, The Melvins, TOOL, Grandmaster Flash, Jesu, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pharcyde, RJD2, DeLa Soul, Prince Paul, Lovage, ZU, Black Heart Procession, Gaslamp Killer, Earth, Flying Lotus, The Bug, Mastodon, Fantomas and more. In 2011, Dälek quietly went on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time, as the members needed a break from the rigorous schedule on the road.
Fast forward to Spring 2015, mastermind and producer MC Dälek (a.k.a. Will Brooks, with the blessing of ex-member/co-producer Oktopus) revived Dälek with a new lineup which now includes DJ rEk on turntables and co-producer Mike Manteca on samplers and effects. The trio have returned with their signature mind numbing, genre bending blend of beats, noise and lyricism and are sharing the highly anticipated first official Dälek release since their last full-length, 2009’s Gutter Tactics. Titled Asphalt For Eden, this new album sees a new creative peak for Dälek and will bring a new awareness for this cult hip-hop entity now resurrected and ready to show a formidable display of true hip hop artistry and experimentation. Asphalt For Eden also marks Dälek's first collaboration with progressive music label Profound Lore."

Selbstlaut & Kapazunda
Selbstlaut ist eine Stimme. Eine politische und eine, die man unter Hunderten sofort wiedererkennt. Roh und dramatisch, kraftvoll und herrlich kaputt. Seine Tracks performt Selbstlaut mit der Rage eines verwundeten Tieres, energiegeladen und selbstvergessen. Die englischen Texte sind in Beats gegossene Systemkritik. Sie sezieren Missstände, erforschen menschliche Abgründe, blicken ins Dunkel und setzen all dem trotzig den Glauben an das Gute entgegen. Selbstlauts literarischer Background gibt ihm die nötige sprachliche Brillianz: wie beiläufig streut er augenzwinkernde Verweise auf Shakespeare, Bukowski, Beckett, erzählt narrativ, bindet seine Tracks mit lyrisch geschliffenen Lines. Durchdacht, aber nicht konstruiert; drängend, aber nicht aufdringlich; utopistisch, aber nicht naiv; kritisch, aber nicht belehrend macht Selbstlaut erstklassigen Rap, der auch genreunabhängig einfach verdammt gute Musik ist. Irgendwo zwischen der Tragik von Eyedea und dem Idealismus von Kate Tempest, zwischen Poesie und Punkattitüde. Ein musikalischer Molotowcocktail, eine poetische Brandrede, der Soundtrack für den gesellschaftlichen Neustart."

"theclosing is a Vienna-based music and art duo that consists of Daniela Palma Caetano Auer and Alexander Hengl. Lukas Lehner / TSI was their third member until 2015. They have been working towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music by mixing analog and digital sources that evades easy genre classification since 2004.

Their first official EP "the way to M" and their self-titled debut album were released on the American independent labels Circle Into Square and Fake Four Inc. Lately their sound became more influenced by ambient and noise elements, which you can hear on their album “Live at Beatmaker Sessions”.

They have played support shows for artists like Dälek, Zavoloka, Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti and collaborated with K-The-I???, Audio88, Babelfishh, Bleubird or Cars & Trains among others. Ever since 2013 they also organize the concert series Wolkenvorhang in their hometown Vienna, together with rapper and producer Parkwaechter Harlekin."
https://soundcloud.com/ theclosing

hirnpiss oder hperplatzt - wahnsinn zwischen genie und käsekrainer. schnelle langsame hohe tiefe beats, licht, nebel finsternis. was wird uns erwarten?