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ABGESAGT: Escalpo, Vacunt, Cromulents

Fr. 26.04.2024 - 21:00

ESCALPO is a Metal Punk band that brought together veterans from the South American scene to unleash the beast with their first EP "Retrocedendo,", digitally released in 2020. With a intense and violent sonority mixing punk, d-beat and death metal, the band brings lyrics in their original language, expressing their stance against all kinds of social or human prejudice. In April 2023, ESCALPO did his first European tour crossing Germany, Czech Republic and Netherlands, spreading their music in the underground scene.



Cromulents is a street punk trio founded in 2021, hailing from the heart of the Austrian Alps -Hallstatt/Ebensee. They deliver honest street punk with clearly antifascist lyrics, while also incorporating their passion for the so-called "drinking class" into their songs, featuring anthemic riffs that are guaranteed to stick in your mind


Artwork by: @drknoche_deadhype

Artwork by: @drknoche_deadhype