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30.000 Monkies (bel), Zolfo (ita)

Sa. 06.04.2024 - 21:00
30.000 Monkies

For the past years, 30,000 Monkies have been stalwarts of the Belgian noise rock scene. Each release is stuffed with pounds of suave sludge and riffs that sound like a zillion champagne corks popping all at once. While their sonic violence is occasionally alternated with mellow ambient or a lost ballad, madness always prevails. These boys from Beringen are consistently loud and luxurious, sticking out like a stockbroker in corpse paint. Above all, 30,000 Monkies celebrate the eternal victory of rock with sparkling showers of bubbly. Greetings from atop the twisted metallic throne of Rock.



Zolfo was born in Bari in the summer of 2016.
The lineup officially debuts during the spring of the following year with the first studio EP "Phosphene/Floaters", presented at first live show with 1000mods.

From that moment the quintet worked tirelessly on the drafting of their first full-length, which will take shape at Molotov Recording in Cassano delle Murge under the supervision of Andrea Lenoci.
"Delusion of Negation" will see the light on January 2020 via Spikerot Records.

After an intense live activity in Italy between underground shows and festivals, the band is ready to release their second full-length album in the first part of 2024.


Artwork by: @missfelidae_illustration

Artwork by: @missfelidae_illustration