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Austin TV, Used To Be Apes

Sa. 17.02.2024 - 21:00
Austin TV

Austin TV is one of the most important rock bands in Latin America. Despite being an instrumental band they have a lot to say. Using masks according to the album concept, they give life to their motto ¨Tu Cara No Importa, Importas Tú¨ (Your face does not matter, you matter!). 


After a 10 year hiatus they decided to return in 2022 with new music and a strong comeback to the stage.


 Their message has marked more than one generation, they have performed more than 1,200 shows, released 5 albums and with 21 years of experience, they have managed to carry the flag of independence to new horizons. 


 Their iconic concept album "Fontana Bella" was produced by Emmanuelle del Real (Café Tacvba´s Keyboardist and composer), released in 2007 at their Vive Latino Festival show. After a 10-year hiatus, they announced their first comeback show, Selling Out in just 3 minutes at Foro Indie Rocks.


 Currently they have already finished their new album, being one of the most anticipated albums of 2023 according to Rolling Stone Mexico magazine.



Used to be Apes

We used to be apes and will evolve to be crabs but for now are humans, what a shame.

Music | Used To Be Apes (bandcamp.com)

Austin TV