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Sa. 27.01.2024 - 21:00

Sensation seeking describes a multidimensional behavioural tendency to seek out varied, new, complex and intense impressions, experiences and situations and often (but not necessarily) to take on physical, psychological or social challenges or risks in order to do so. 





Tonto came out of the most perverted wet dreams of Lightning Bolt, Shellac, Zu, and Death Grips. You can call it Noise but it's groovy like Hip-hop and it's anti-style like Punk. This project sprouted in the damp hole of the early 2010s Italian noise rock scene, then tamed in the worst pubs of Bologna, dribbled in the dense broth of the European Impro-Noise, and polluted by the same with a frenzied series of international tours between 2016 and 2023. Tonto is a no-guitar one-man band, with drumset and voice amplified in a jungle of distortions and digital artifacts. You get some sexy blast beats but also African polyrhythms at times, a lot of bumbum-cha like ghettoblasta and occasional ass-shaking straight 4/4. Tonto goes for wild barbarism and non-verbal expressiveness, rather than overt structures and methods. Tonto is a musician through a computer, like a monkey in a spaceship.


Francesco Zedde (aka Tonto) played 538 shows in 7 years; he released more than 30 records with 20 independent labels such as Econore, Grandine Records, and Selva Elettrica. He collaborated with artists such as Mark Stewart, HHY, Lili Refrain, Uochi Toki, Dj DNA. Francesco facilitated and organized 42 editions of Discomfort Dispatch, a transnational festival format for improvised music, involving 386 artists so far.





Füzfüzwüfü (Solo Artist) is an electronic dance music Project wich has started because of an accident music equipment buy. In the beginning there was a Roland EG-101, wich is a powerful synth groove box released in 1999. It was used by Prodogy for example. After this massive Synth was put into Action, a lot of soundstuff like effects, drummachine and a Theremin was added to the glorious Groove Machine. Put some wheels under it and now it is able to drive beats and itself from A to B while playing. The Show put together is an always antifascist, antisexist and sometimes anti-social performance with jaw dropping rythms, massive cuts and most important: A lot of Fun! The driveable "tower" has a shoe shine machine included so bring your dirty shoes and get them shiny again while dancing with Füzfüzwüfü.




FM is a new project by mika bakomat & f1no.

It feels as if acoustic poisonous sweets and harsh arrangements are fighting. Showing physical boundaries, rough soundscapes and no fear of pain. A sunny walk of sonic brutalism.

Bang your head like you didn't see the wall!



MULCH is a collaboration between keinponny + Moritz Morast from Dimension Hclum. Together they scavenge synthesizers and consumer-electronics in the search for obscure rave tones and extraterrestial noise frequencies and overdriven rhytmns taking the audience on an post apocalyptic acid trip through the past, present and future.


Track 40 https://deliriumpsychosis.bandcamp.com/album/harsh-noise-wall-means-fight-back-smash-gay-oppression




TOMO (Solo Artist) brings the Dooom-Jazzzz-Drone guitar. You don't hate jazzz, you fear jazzz!

Sensation Seeking