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Releaseshow The Heavy Minds & High Brian

Fr. 20.10.2023 - 21:30

Our beloved friends from The Heavy Minds and High Brian will celebrate their Releases @KAPU.

The Heavy Minds

The Heavy Minds are a Garage-Psych–Band based in Upper Austria. Even though the idea of genre-boundaries is quite meaningless for the band, it would probably be most appropriate to claim that the boys are influenced by a huge musical melting pot of sounds of the late 60's 'n 70's, Garage/Prog/Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Neo-Psychedelia and all sorts of underground rawness.
“Second Mind” was recorded between July and November 2018 somewhere in the outback of Upper Austria as well as in Vienna during some hot summer days. We tried to accomplish an honest, raw but also vital piece of music that speaks for itself.


High Brian

High Brian is a four-piece psychedelic rock band based in Austria. Since their beginnings back in 2013 Brian plays its way through them fuzzy spheres of 70s-, psychedelic-, and stoner-rock with a Beatles ambience, topped with some kraut and King Gizzard influences.
Since the release of their first two records "Hi Brain" (2017) and "Brian Air" (2019) on StoneFree Records, Brian shared stages with like-minded bands such as The Vintage Caravan, Kadavar, The Flying Eyes, and many more.
Shortly after releasing their flight-themed second album ‘Brian Air’, they were suddenly grounded, just like everyone else around the globe. In the following months and years, new songs and sounds emerged. Finally, in the blooming days of April 2022, Brian set out to record their third full-length album ‘Five, Six, Seven’ in a rural Austrian mountain region with only one goal: Bongos on every track.

Brian’s newest album ‘Five, Six, Seven’ (coming in October 2023) is a perfect forty- minute-drive through their unique warm-fuzzy blend of polyrhythmic melodies, riding basslines, heavy guitar riffs, and bongos. Now, go ahead and get ready, push the button, and feel it’s all real for Brian is psyched to get going once again.


Artwork by @aplacefortom

Artwork by @aplacefortom
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