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Johnny and the Rotten Release Show with Speck, Kobudai

Fr. 30.09.2022 - 21:30

Johnny and the Rotten
Imagine The Beach Boys having weird, dirty, sweaty sex with Sonic Youth and their baby turns out to be an angry punk that doesn‘t give a fuck about the dos and don‘ts of how to behave as a band.

SPECK macht in erster Linie eines: das Kraut fett. Eine junge Partie aus Wien hat das begriffen und lässt auf der Hofroas in den Hyperraum die Low Ends ordentlich in den Hirnwindungen brutzeln. Eine ausgelassene psychedelische Geschmacksvielfalt, bei der niemand zu kurz kommen dürfte!

Kobudai - From the deep sea of despair, between the sharp cliffs of plague and monotony rises the mighty Kobudai. Experience from Pastor, Mothers of the Land, Succopuss, Ryte and Death Alley fuels this four-piece´s thrust, and through a vulgar display of heavy riffs, fast drums and ominous vocals, the Kobudai enchants all that dare to listen...
Prepare to drown in awe and choke on the fishy smells of Kobudai!

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