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Fr. 29.07.2022 - 19:00

Die KAPU macht einen Monat Sommerpause. Zum Saison Abschluss bringen wir bei FREIEM EINTRITT Rock, Hip-Hop und vieles mehr gemeinsam auf die Bühne.

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Hailing from Rome (Italy), The Blues Against Youth is a one-man band project led by Gianni TBAY who performs vocals, guitar, bass drum, hi-hat and whistle simultaneously.

TBAY’s sound, although being deeply rooted in the Outlaw Country and the Delta Blues, has developed over a ten years career, in different directions. All those trails have been hit, throughout countless tours that brought Gianni TBAY to play over 1,000 shows in the whole of Europe and part of the USA.  This relentless live activity allowed him to build a solid fan base, gaining a name in the scene and a reputation as a rambling man, constantly travelling as a modern troubador driven by some kind of spiritual vocation and a daemonic possession.  


Aist Connexion - ein französisches Hip-Hop-Duo, bestehend aus zwei Pariser Brüdern. Inspiriert durch den Alltag, sprechen die Rapper verschiedenste Themen durch Beobachtung und Reflexion an. Ihr erstes Projekt "11ème sens" wurde Anfang 2022 veröffentlicht.


Heavy Garagen Motöhead Punk zum Bus fahren und Haare schütteln - straight aus der City of fallen angels

“I’d say it has sort of a DIY LA punk aesthetic,” he adds. “Very ironically going hand in hand with a classic metal vibe: Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, classic Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and other melodic heavy rock bands.”


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