Steel City Sorcery presents: Occvlta, SNĚŤ, Parasite Dreams

Steel City Sorcery presents: Occvlta, SNĚŤ, Parasite Dreams
Freitag, 06.12.2019
Steel City Sorcery presents: Occvlta, SNĚŤ, Parasite Dreams

Wir sind erfreut, die Zusammenkunft mit einem weiteren Zirkel aus der Stahlstadt ankündigen und zelebrieren zu dürfen: SCS x CN!
Warm-Up Show für das herrliche Celebrare Noctem Fest VI (sold out)!

Please save some spit into the face of God and welcome an unholy trinity as follows:

black metal, Berlin

In cold December nights, black winds arise and posses us again! They bring forth the plague from a mouth that speaks of death and O... you feel the flame again...These darkened rock 'n' rollers do not need any further introduction: The vampires of Neukölln are no strangers here and we are MORE than happy to welcome them back at this house they twice lived in! Be ready for Pitch Black Panzerfaust Metal in your face!

ugly death metal, Prag

In the deep abyss of innocent virgin Mary's womb arose a plague of endless pain called Sněť. It's first reverberation banned on pityful tape was delightfully disgusting, truly. So, harken! Remember its name and speak it out in frightful awe! I bet you die trying anyways...
These are really twisted minds detached on skillful hands... Worshipers of the ancient gods of death metal, do piče.

Parasite Dreams
black metal punk, Wien

Unknown abominations and solitary fright-ridden minds may lurk behind these brick walls that have hidden terrors for centuries. Some things never die at all and might crawl back into your head in the darkest hours. Be sorry for the innocent, but SPIT on those who deserve the pain and kick them in their rotting guts!
This is what the sweet dreams of this new entity are made. From Vienna with spite.