BodySoundSpace vol. 6

BodySoundSpace vol. 6
Freitag, 08.06.2018
 BodySoundSpace vol. 6

BodySoundSpace vol.6

On the 8th of June 2018, BodySoundSpace will have its sixth edition. Urban culture centre KAPU Linz once again opens its doors for an interactive art event to happen.

Every year, since 2003, BodySoundSpace hosts artists from various art fields; such as performance art, theatre, dance, music, space and design, visual and fine arts... Artists - local and international -, art students and all art lovers are invited to share works, works in progress or to create ideas on the spot.

This event is a chance to bring different art forms under one roof. It is an opportunity for people to interact, collaborate, share their work. An opportunity to step outside studios and rehearsing rooms. To delete borders between participants and audience. To experience various usage of space and time.

BodySoundSpace is an all-area event. Three floors, four rooms, corridors, stairs, KAPU Bar and the outside yard are offered for use - decoration, re-design, video screening, exhibitions of works, performances and concerts on or off the stage. The event encourages the participants to make use of the spaces in different ways.

OPEN CALL for artists. Apply till 27th of May 2018!

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