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Minus Green, Savanah, Intra

Di. 31.10.2017 - 21:00

MUSHCREAM BOOKING & KAPU proudly present:



The band takes influences from Doom, Desert and Psychedelic Rock to create their unique sound, once described as aggressive Stoner with a defeaning bass and powerful riffs. Energetic Live-Performances are part of the bands character and attitude.

Deep Shades is available on their Bandcamp-Site as digital download, digipack and limited Vinyl Edition via “StoneFree Records”.

On May 11 2017 they released their first full length called "The Healer", which is also purchasable on all common platforms.

Minus Green

The instrumental rock band Minus Green was formed in spring 2013. The concept of the four-piece band from Vienna is to create athmosperic and downtuned sounds mixed with melodic components.


INTRA represents heavy guitar riffs, groundshaking bass, huge drums, delicate vocals, aesthetic melodies – intimate, insistent rock music. INTRA means to fully surrender to the music and finding each other in it.

Former Appearances at Kapu