Se mustard terrorist, timphan, dvrst

Se mustard terrorist, timphan, dvrst
Freitag, 22.09.2017
Se mustard terrorist, timphan, dvrst

se mustard terrorist

You know us, we are the senfschreck! This is lo-fi dadarock music taking elements from no-wave, noise rock, endzeit hip hop and alien metal and blending it into something deeply personal and highly enjoyable. Se Mustard Terrorists simply don't care about genres, contemporary song structures or a high-end production.  No, we just want to experiment, create, strip-down and start again. New set, new releases, old minds, long story. We are the neanthertalers of our own genre, and we now have rocks with sharp edges!!!


Timpahn is the symbiosis between sound art and visual art made possible with the use of percussion instruments. With a drum set, a tympani and different object, we create sounds, rhythms, strange melodies and thunder bass which in resume pretends to create an industrial electronic aura which transports us to a most sinister psicodelia. Buy the interaction between sound and image (lights and video) we intend to isolate and transport the audience from the place of the concert to an anguished climate, at times agreeable or at other moments undesirable.


///DVRST /Illbient\No-ise\Trap\ist l1v3232210n, 1 sekret a day!

 nvn nicht meHr, synthese schnvpft \/oicez from se depths

 Abu Gabi & \/ice\/ersa & Vinzenz Landl !!!

 Traps G-jagt und zer-sägt? FM Bient kosmiisiert?

leep yr Virus V wayx &

love a sec-rat swaggin

1Lo- \ /


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