Tick, Bad Look

Tick, Bad Look
Mittwoch, 22.11.2017
Tick, Bad Look
TICK was founded in Berlin, Fall 2016, Kurt Stone & Ant Car got together and squeezed out a classy anarcho-punk tape. On 7 noisy trash-punk tracks they were chopping up the western world. Some say it sounds a little like Crass, TICK says: Maybe not and others don’t really care, In summer 2017 they’ve released the tape on DIE PLATTENFIRMA and  played 2 debut shows in New York City, where Mike Crean joined the duo on drums, to complete the triangle. They’ve recorded their 10 track debut album in NYC and will pre-release it in November 2017. 
BAD LOOK are self proclaimed "Punk Ritual Doom Summoners“. It’s the brooklyn hardcore-punk trio’s first EU-Tour. Finally them breadless legends will do a 10 day tour, far away from their familiar NYC underground, where they’re infamously known since years. BAD LOOK is about to release an album and EP. The same call it „Awesome Brooklyn Thrash“ others would be like „A MOLOTOV COCKTAIL AND A SHOT!“ It will be your favorite band if you always loved the speed and power of the Bad Brains, only more demonic and way way younger.