Tick, Kettenhund

Tick, Kettenhund
Mittwoch, 22.11.2017
Tick, Kettenhund
TICK was founded in Berlin, Fall 2016, Kurt Stone & Ant Car got together and squeezed out a classy anarcho-punk tape. On 7 noisy trash-punk tracks they were chopping up the western world. Some say it sounds a little like Crass, TICK says: Maybe not and others don’t really care, In summer 2017 they’ve released the tape on DIE PLATTENFIRMA and  played 2 debut shows in New York City, where Mike Crean joined the duo on drums, to complete the triangle. They’ve recorded their 10 track debut album in NYC and will pre-release it in November 2017. 

KETTENHUND, HC Punk aus Wien.