Samstag, 14.10.2017

Abraham Wurstkesse b2b Inverto Boy (Panzerschokolade / Galactic Township)
This explosive combination is the new DJ project by Johnny Weissbrot and Therese Haller, both members of the Panzerschokolade and Galactic Township party collectives in Vienna. They are devoted to keep the spirit of old-school rave alive, focussing especially on all kinds of breakbeats.

Local KAPU bitch Abu Gabi kicks asses with various weapons of sound. She’s part of the illbient swagger noise band DVRST, playing experimental music with “Cine-Concert Fernweh/Heimweh”, working on her first IDM-Pop Album with Firnwald. As multiply influenced producer and selectress she scratches the edge between art and commercial shit. Spiritual wickedness, strictly deep, intense and in your face.

Power (:membrane: / Love Is Strange)
A very active and eclectic DJ, Power has been an important force in the Vienna scene for a number of years. Focussing on techno and electro in her sets for :membrane:, she’s also well-versed in wave, post-punk and experimental music. In addition to :membrane: she also (co-)hosts the Love Is Strange, AU fatale and Arsyugoslaviae parties.

Ulrich Rois (:membrane: / Celestial Mechanicks / Feathered Coyote Records)
A man of many musical interests Rois runs the tape label Feathered Coyote Records and is active with a variety of musical projects from the electro-acoustic drone group Bird People to his solo live act, which can steer into industrial/acid techno territories but always retains a sense of the psychedelic and drone-centric. His DJs sets equally cover a wide musical terrain from ambient and experimental to the more ravey forms of electro, acid/industrial techno and trance.