kapu export @ STWST

kapu export @ STWST
Samstag, 08.03.2008
kapu export @ STWST


Body: Anselm Dürrschmid / Florian Husbert Huber / Anatol Bogendorfer

Location: Harbour / Linz / Austria

Bio: Music fans / Played more than 300 shows / Organised more than 300 shows for other bands / Light engineer, sociologist, art student / Age: 26, 28, 30 / Blown away and heavy influenced by American underground music

Style: Less noise rock than some Mike Patton-fans and improvisers would allow themselves to dive into / For some other people Valina is "…a bit too loud", or "…too much vocals" or "…have no clue about the Blues schemata" or "…why do they play so much different parts?"

Hot topic: Never costumed / Hardly ever disappointed / Rarely non-smoking / Often to meet at highway gas stations / Always polite / Enjoy good food

Credo: We will never jump collectively on a band photo, because it looks stupid

The new album: A tempo! A tempo!

The rest: 1000 helping hands / Only a standard sex drive (Sorry, dear biography!)

The Label: Trost Records (Austria) / www.trost.at / office@trost.at

The Web 2.0: www.myspace.com/valinamusic

The Contact: valina@servus.at